Durham NC, North Carolina

Top Things To Do In Durham County North Carolina

Are you planning to travel to Durham County North Carolina in the near future? Perhaps you will be visiting for a business trip. Then again you may have the desire to enjoy a romantic weekend with your significant other or a family trip away to have fun. Whatever your reason happens to be, one thing is for sure; Durham County North Carolina has plenty to keep you fully entertained. In fact, let’s take a quick look at a few of the places to go and things to do in this beautiful part of the world.

Explore On Foot

If you really want to see Durham County North Carolina in all its glory, you must explore at least some of it on foot. Be sure to buy yourself a map, put on a comfy pair of shoes and get ready to do some exploring! Going off the beaten track will give you the opportunity to see life as the locals live it and discover plenty of hidden gems that the tour guides may not yet be aware of.

Visit The 21C Museum

If you love everything contemporary, the 21C Museum could be a great place to spend a few hours. You will find an exciting group and solo exhibitions by a selection of artists. The museum also hosts various poetry readings, music performances, and artist lectures. For lovers of innovative and inspiring new art, the 21C Museum is sure to make a great impression.

Brightleaf District

Many cities have an area which is extra special. Often it is home to an electric vibe, a unique feel or a kind of magic which is simply hard to describe in words. As our good friend Stacie put it, a visit to Brightleaf District may convince you that you have found that place in Durham County. As you wander around the area, you will find two tobacco warehouses which have now been renovated into house shops. In addition, the nightlife and restaurants are sure to leave little room for boredom or disappointment.

Take In A Show At The Carolina Theater

When visiting a new city, there are few things more special than enjoying a magical night at the theater. Carolina Theater has the potential to give you a true night to remember. So much so that it’s one of our favorite places to go in Durham. Restored to its original 1926 decor, the theater is home to performances by comics, musicians, speakers and theater companies. Adjacent to the building you will also find two cinemas which show newly released movies, as well as classic works. So whether you are an avid fan of the theater, or love to sit back and enjoy a good movie, this is a great venue to put on your itinerary.

Duke Basketball Museum And Sports Hall Of Fame

Halls of fame always tend to be fun places to visit. The Duke Basketball Museum And Sports Hall Of Fame does not disappoint on that front. Best known for the Republican men’s basketball team, Duke University has a lot of wins under their belt. A visit to the Duke Basketball Museum And Sports Hall Of Fame will allow you to get a good look at the trophies, memorabilia and much more. Also, the videos available will give you a glimpse into a great history.

Museum Of Life And Science

With an impressive 84 acres surrounding it and crammed with attractions and activities, it is little wonder that the Museum of Life And Science makes such a great day out. This museum has been designed to awaken curiosity, engage visitors and spark a sense of intriguing wonder. You will be able to see one of the biggest butterfly houses on the East Coast as well as dozens of life-size dinosaurs. In fact, with so many exciting attractions this is a venue that is sure to appeal to kids, as well as big kids among us!

The museum is home to both indoor and outdoor exhibits and is often rated as the best family-friendly museum in the Southeast. Visitors can also enjoy shopping in the Elements Museum Store and enjoying refreshments at the Coffee Bar.

Little River Regional Park And Natural Area

Taking time to indulge in the glorious outdoors is always a great thing to do when spending time in the city of Durham County North Carolina. This park boasts 391 acres of natural area which has been developed from tobacco farmland. For people who love a good hike the seven miles of hiking trails are sure to please. In addition, there are mountain bike trails and a birding trail which takes visitors through a forested area and weaves around flowing waters.

Children will enjoy the playground, as well as the open-play meadow and the whole family, is sure to be able to make the most of the picnic shelters to enjoy a spot of ‘dining alfresco’! The grounds are maintained by these landscapers in Durham, so be sure to thank them for all their hard work if you happen to be there and see them mowing the grass lawns in the park. The company’s name isĀ Leisure Landscapes and they are true landscaping experts. Now, if you would love to enjoy this beautiful outdoor experience for more than a few hours, you can take advantage of the group campground and plan for a few sleepovers!

Indeed, Durham County North Carolina is not short of places to go and things to do. Whether you love to put museums on your itinerary, relish a night at the theater or embrace the mighty outdoors, this is a location that is ready and willing to please. Before you set off on your journey to Durham County be sure to set a great travel agenda so that you can make the most of the time you have.